FluxBB Installation

You are about to install FluxBB. In order to install FluxBB, you must complete the form set out below. If you encounter any difficulties with the installation, please refer to the documentation.

Choose the install script language

Install language

The language used for this install script. The default language used for the board itself can be set below.

Install FluxBB 1.5.10

The following errors need to be corrected:

  • The cache directory is currently not writable! In order for FluxBB to function properly, the directory /vol/opt/1/webapp/fluxbb/cache/ must be writable by PHP. Use chmod to set the appropriate directory permissions. If in doubt, chmod to 0777.
  • The avatar directory is currently not writable! If you want users to be able to upload their own avatar images you must see to it that the directory /vol/opt/1/webapp/fluxbb/img/avatars/ is writable by PHP. You can later choose to save avatar images in a different directory (see Admin/Options). Use chmod to set the appropriate directory permissions. If in doubt, chmod to 0777.

Database setup

All information we need to create a connection with your database.

Select your database type

Select a database. We support SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Enter your database server hostname

You should be able to get this info from your web host, if localhost does not work.

Enter the name of your database

The name of the database you want to install FluxBB on.

Enter your database username and password

Your MySQL username and password (ignore of SQLite).

Enter database table prefix

If you want to run multiple FluxBB installations in a single database, change this.

Administration setup

Create the very first account on your board.

Administration setup

Your username should be between 2 and 25 characters long. Your password must be at least 6 characters long. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive.

Board setup

Settings for your board. You can change this later.

Enter your board's title and description.

Make your forum yours. Choose a language and a style for your board.