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Kak iskali mesto dlya Evropeyskoy Radugi 1999-2006

opyt i know-how:

I will share a few thoughts with you about what
we have found in past years:

      ++ In Hungary-Magyarorszag/1999: we scouted
using the American method: first buying the most
detailed topographic hiking maps available.(In USA,
these are available at free public library without
need for purchase). We then closely searched these
maps for a certain conjunction of features: open
meadows (light green), within forests (dark green),
with springs or streams (blue lines)nearby. Then we
visited, on foot, each of the likely places.... until
we found Home. Our Search was complicated by certain
limits:- We needed to be within a 50Km-wide strip
which ran through the nation...because this was the
line of the zone of totality for the solar eclipse. I
and two others did the basic scouting footwork over
two solid months of Bhakti effort. We scouts took our
calling seriously...a sacred responsibility. The
outcome: a beautiful place with abundant forest, open
grass, 7 springs(!), abundant eating mushrooms
everywhere, and about 3Km walk through magic forest,
from the parking. It was private land, unfortunately,
so there was rent to pay. And there was one abandoned
hunting lodge onsite. Free primeval forests are few,
and strictly guarded in my native place. (good

      ++ Romania 2000: We had a large site on a
mountaintop with open grass meadows and vast hardwood
forests around. Insufficient water came from two small
springs. We never could develop onsite sources enough
for our needs. So almost 75% of the kitchen water, and
virtually 100% of our supplies, were hauled uphill by
costly daily horse-drawn carts by hired local
teamsters. Also expensive was having to pay off the
20+ local farmer families who claimed ownership to the
ground we camped on. The local Romania Family
(actually a husband-wife pair) had very little outside
support, and were too busy with personal matters to
devote enough time to real scouting. From all of the
vast wild Carpathian forests nation-wide, they visited
only three sites, and those 3 sites no more than 65 Km
from their home. Locals would walk off with kitchen
supplies and equipment at night. Over 30 Rainbows had
passports, tents, belongings stolen. So our Big Family
had to share the bitter fruit of that one. (not good
     ++ In 2001/Croatia-Hrvatska: our scouts went to
the Government Forestry service, and we were directed
to a beautiful bowl of a grassy valley with plenty of
trees in the hills all around, and a strong flowing
spring of sweet wate, enough for everything. But there
were one or two house ruins. 2 Km from the motor
road...but Free.(very good example)

      ++ In Italia/2002: Scouts found an open grassy
place on a hilltop within the National Park system. A
flowing stream for abundant water. 40 minutes from
paved motor roads. No cost /free. Plenty wild
mushrooms to eat. No houses; no cultural features.
(good example)

      ++ In France/2003: National Forest. Off the main
road. Large open meadow on a gently sloping hillside.
Much flat camping space in the shade among the trees.
Nice flowing springs. No houses or cultural features.
Free of charge.(very good example)

      ++ Bulgaria 2004: On a beautiful grassy open
space among the trees in a forest on rolling hillside.
One strong active spring of sweet water. Many
mushrooms. Only one shepherd's hut, otherwise natural.
The site was spoiled by a logging road bladed through
the middle of the site where woodcutter's trucks would
roar through, 100M from main circle, twice per
day...otherwise very nice. Offered by the headman of
the nearby village. Free.(almost good example)

      ++ Germany/2005: A mountaintop 3 Km from the
nearest village. Large open meadow surrounded by
evergreen and beechwood forest. Plenty firewood. A
strong, constant source of natural groundwater for
both bathing & cooking. Much flat camping space. The
site was offered to the scouts by the headmen of the
local village...free. We managed to block off the
forest roads leading to the site so no motor vehicles
could enter.(very good example)

      ++ In England/2006: we were not so lucky as the
many other gatherings and festivals organised each
summer by other groups in Great Britain. (You can
study England Summer Festival websites, on a WWW
internet search, to compare what type land other
gatherings get). We had actually to pay very much for
use of what amounted to an unsuitable site...but
please don't use that place as a model for future
gathering places. (...why?...)

     ~ While motoring to and from Croatia in 2001 to
my native Hungary, I saw many wild and free forest
areas en route, all throughout the land of
Bosnia...both in Syrpska, and in the South of
BosniaH.. There are probably more and better free
natural forest places in Bosnia-H than in all the
other nations of Europe. .... and that is the biggest
reason we, at Vision Council '06, selected
Bosnia-Hercegovina, and why I supported the concensus.
Let's hope The Vision comes true.

     Conclusion: so you see, for the most part, over
the years, we have been able to find a place each
year, appropriate for gathering. A place for the
thousands of Rainbow family coming from all the
world... places with these characteristics in common:

      + large open grassy meadow within a natural
forest. (Not trees man-planted in geometric lines)...
with a good supply of deadwood as fuel.
      + Natural groundwater: either a strong-flowing
spring, or else a stream or brook or creek...a lake
nearby, if you can find it, like Austria '91.
      + A good walking distance from motor roads to
respect our vision of Harmony with Natural Creation.
      + As near to undeveloped Nature as possible...
Translation: no cultural features, such as houses,
roads, electrical power lines, agriculture, buildings,
factories, etcetera = nothing man-made onsite, nor
even nearby. (In Poland '92 we were on the site of a
Nazi-massacre-ruined village. Plenty dark spirit...>>
Rainbows getting drunk all the time. [not good

     I wish the scouting team the best of good fortune
in finding the place we are meant to be this summer.
If you feel called to help be part of the scouting
group, then please go now to Bosnia to help. The place
is there waiting for us... just let us be guided by
Spirit in finding it.

     Peace and Love and Family....Om Shanti

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