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Vsemirniy Sovet 2012

Kratkiy perevod:

Vsemirniy Sovet Vseh Plemeyon i Eco-poseleniy v 2012: priglashayutsya vse dlya uchastiya vo Vsemirnom referendume.
1) Ekologiya
2) Globalizatsiya
3) Zdorovye i pitanie
4) Obrazovanie
5) Kommunikatsiya

Privetstvuyutsya lyubie initsiativy, napravlyat' na e-mail:


V 2012 godu budet provedyon Vsemirniy referendum i sformirovan Vsemirniy Sovet.



privet tebe, brat.

prikrepil poslednee redaktirovanie, nemnogo otlichayusheesya. skoro napechataem pervuyu bumajnuyu versiyu. est' li vozmojnost' sdelat' russkiy perevod kem-to iz russkoy radugi dlya rasprostraneniya v rossii? prinimayem lyubie kommentarii iz rossii. my dobavim takje sakral'nuyu geometriyu i tsevtnuyu oblojku.

s uvajeniem,
Be Ing (OZ rainbow)

ot Luck-a: pipl, ya by perevyol, no budet latinskim shriftom  (a nujno kirrilitsey), esli kto-to voz'myotsya, otprav'te na:


sdelaete horoshee delo.


hey thankyou brother...

attached is lastest edition... slightly different... We are printing first hard copy soon and are doing pre-production for documentary...

any chance a member of rainbow russia could translate document into russian for distribution in russia?

any comments you want to add before we print?

We are going to add some sacred geometry and a color cover.

Be Ing (OZ rainbow)


Rainbow Indigenous Dreaming

Blessed Self
May this Gateway stand to the Realization of Humanities’
Triumph over its’ own Ignorance.

This document is a viable framework for a Planetary Government, which was inspired by Spirit. Deep regard and best wishes to the many friends from all nations who have helped focalize the work, dream and attempt to unite the many disparate elements of the reality. One reality that we are about to commit global suicide and the other that we are to move into the Golden Age. May we listen to both and act accordingly.

We must save our planetary home for our children and our children’s children!

Dreamtank are a group of evolutionaries.

Dreamtank are a collection of beings who realize that while there has been amazing technological development, the planet is being destroyed. We cannot continue ‘business as usual’. We need to heal the Earth our Mother, ourselves and each other, and all other beings, be they plant, animal, fish or insect.

We are fundamentally dependent upon the systems of nature!

Many people at the time 06:06:06 argued that ‘Earth Council 2012’ was a pipe dream; and indeed there was some truth to this statement. But as we ‘quicken’ towards 2012 the Eternal Disciples of Peace will also help manifest the divine plan of Unity, Peace and Love on Earth.

The Earth is experiencing Global Eco-catastrophe right now!

“It is abundantly clear that we have not achieved a technological utopia. Instead, the planet is beset with a staggering array of problems that have been created or exacerbated by modern science and technology- from overpopulation and the mass extinction of species to global warming, to soil loss and pollution, to the proliferation of deadly weapons of mass destruction”, David Suzuki scientist and environmentalist.

“The truth is that we never conquered the world, never understood it, we only think we have control. We do not even know why we respond a certain way to other organisms, and need them in diverse ways, so deeply” –E.O.Wilson, Entomologist and Evolutionary Biologist.

Without a vision we are without hope, yet there is a cohesive dreaming happening right now. A collaboration of persons and organizations from around the world seek true planetary governance based on the sovereignty of the individual, eco-villages/cities and biosphere regionalization.
Over the span of the 20 year transitional period as the Solstice Sun crosses the Galactic Equator and moves in to a new hemisphere, we will indeed witness the falling away of the old structures and the birthing of the new. For those who have eyes to see we are actually witnessing the birth of a Planetary Civilization. And the very logistics involved in this process will determine that the old values of the Nation States which was primarily based on competition and exploitation will have to eventually give way to a collaborative effort, where universal cooperation and respect will be the dominate social values.



We simply can and will get to consciously make the transition so we have a positive outcome. Belief is important, as we think, we create. There will be an Earth Council Embassy created and it will be a celebration and facilitation of a positive shift into higher consciousness. Earth council will be a fair and representational evolution of the UN (refer framework on page 4) and will welcome Members from ‘Off-World’.

“O keep squeezing drops of sun
From yours prayers and work and music
And your companions beautiful laughter
And from the most insignificant moments of your
Own heavenly body,
Now Sweet One
Be Wise
Cast all your votes for dancing!” –Hafiz

“Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth,
give us our sign, our word
as long as there is day, as long as there is light
When it comes to sowing, the dawning,
Will it be a greening road, a greening path?”
– Popol Vuh, Sacred Mayan Text.

Every continent is experiencing eco-system collapse right now.

The Earth, so far as we know, is the birthplace of our species and our only home. We are close to committing – in fact many would argue that we have already committed – what in our language, could justifiably be termed ‘Crimes against Creation’!

As foretold by the ancients;
When the Earth was sick, a Tribe from all Nations would be Born. They will sit together as one Rainbow Tribe of all Colours, with love in their hearts and peaceful minds. They ask, “What can I give?” This attitude born not only of a deep seated inner knowledge of the suffering created by a ‘User Society’, but also of the remedial alternatives that must now be applied.

The nature-wisdom of Western Elders: (By David Suzuki, scientist and ecologist)

Over the years, a host of prominent life scientists have taken passionate public stands that seem in some way heretical to the “conventional wisdom” of the mainstream scientific community. Their views suggest humans ought to treat the natural world as sacred, or as worthy of profound veneration, for the well-being of all life on earth. Some openly concede that scientific thought has its limits and that certain aspects of the universe may forever remain mysterious to scientists. Some of them publicly grieve for the ecological destruction they have witnessed during their lifetimes and question whether we possess the will and stamina to alter the environmental deterioration that the march Industrial Civilization has wrought.

Other scientific elders speak out on what they suspect may be inherently sacred, or spiritual, dimensions of nature. One remarkable public statement, titled “Preserving and Cherishing the Earth: An Appeal for Joint Commitment in Science and Religion”, was issued at a recent international conference on the environment and economic development in Moscow, attended by religious, political, and scientific leaders from eighty-three nations. Importantly, it was signed by a number of the most respected and articulate Western scientists of our times, including astronomers Carl Sagan and Freeman Dyson, physicist Hans Bethe, atmospheric scientist Stephen Schneider, and biologists Peter Raven, Roger Revelle, and Stephen Jay Gould. One of its most scientifically daring passages states:

“As scientists, many of us have had profound experiences of awe and reverence before the universe. We understand that what is regarded as sacred is more likely to be treated with care and respect. Our planetary home should be so regarded. Efforts to safeguard and cherish the environment need to be infused with a vision of the sacred”.

These and other contemporary scientists and science observers are implicitly expressing a yearning for the same sort of integration of knowledge and human values that takes place in the undivided Native Mind. Where will we find the wisdom to make our way through the maze of global overpopulation, industrial toxins, loss of biodiversity, ozone depletion, and countless other unfolding environmental crises that cast a long, uncertain shadow over the earth’s fate?

In his recent book “In defense of the Land Ethic”, environmental philosopher J.Baird Callicott suggests that traditional Native American nature-wisdom might become living, cultural “role models” for all the world to witness and emulate. The idea that Native worldviews are steeped in genuine environmental wisdom is not, he insists, some sort of “necromantic invention” or a return to guilt ridden, Western notions of “noble savages”. On the contrary, it arises from a clear-eyed recognition of indigenous societies’ sense of relationship with the natural world.

“We need a radically different way of relating ourselves to the support systems of the planet. My experiences with aboriginal people have convinced me, both as a scientist and as an environmentalist, of the power and relevance of their knowledge and worldview in a time of imminent global ecocastrophe.” David Suzuki

Clearly it is time for a global science-compatible Native ecological consciousness to emerge and inspire “non-natives” to adopt environmental values. Dreamtank demands a host of calm, compassionate, and far sighted voices of society’s wisest elders- Native and scientific- to be heard clearly above the din of economic rationalists.

There will be no jobs on a dead planet!

“Our Mother the Earth is Growing Old Now”
Northeastern North America: Iroquois Confederacy.

We direct to your minds that peace is not merely the absence of war, but the constant effort to maintain harmonious existence between all peoples, from individual to individual and between humans and the other beings of this planet. We point out to you that a Spiritual Consciousness is the Path to Survival of Humankind. We who walk about on Mother Earth occupy this place for only a short time. It is our duty as human beings to preserve the life that is here for the benefit of generations yet unborn.

Brothers and Sisters: The Haudenosaunee are determined to take whatever actions we can to halt the destruction of Mother Earth. In our territories, we continue to carry out our function as spiritual caretakers of the land. In this role as caretakers we cannot, and will not, stand idly by while the future of the coming generations is being systematically destroyed. We recognize that the fight is a long one and that we cannot hope to win it alone. To win, to secure the future, we must join hands with like-minded people and create strength through unity. We commemorate two hundred years of injustice and the destruction of the world with these words”.

Dreamtank believes in the untapped potential of the human heart/mind and that our collective can and will prevail. We believe in non-violence and hold Gandhi to be a role model for peaceful, creative change. When enough people are inspired consciousness will be raised and the harmful things we do each day will cease.

Dreamtank sense a major shift in consciousness is both desirable and imminent. We seek to facilitate this change through actions of bliss, joy and celebration. Through this attitude we are not protesting but celebrating the imminent shift. It will be of assistance to us, when visualizing, to see it as ‘already DONE’.

Dreamtank promotes the idea that everyone is responsible for this awakening, their own awakening and encourage the practice of inner work.

It is only by changing our inner aggressive thinking in everyday life can we hope to change that which is outside us. Sitting (meditation and prayer), Dreaming, Yoga (and other naturalistic healing modalities) all have much to offer us about self-management.

Religions can also offer us much healing yet we must adopt a peacefulness inside that does not feel threatened by differing religious viewpoints. A close impartial study of religion will uncover the fundamental unity between them, where love and God/dess (or whatever you call It or do not call It), are one.

“There is no way to Peace. Peace is the way”

“Whatever is hateful to you, do not to your fellow person. That is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary” – Judaism, the Talumud.

“This is the sum of duty; Do naught to others which would cause pain if done to you”
- Hinduism, Mahabbaratta.

“Consider others as yourself” –Buddism Dhammapada.

“Love thy neighbour as thyself. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”
  -Christianity, the Bible

“Love Thyself” – Be Ing

Judgment day is here, and the judgment is there is no judgment. Those companies, governments and individuals found responsible for breaches of human and eco-laws will be given the task of helping right the wrong.

Dreamtank does not promote the idea of an eye for eye.

Right Here Now we call for a planet wide ceasefire!


Earth Council ethos is based an interpretation of Australian Aboriginal ethos regarding the proper relationship between human and human, and humans and other life forms:

1. Balance: A system cannot be life enhancing if it is out of kilter, and each part shares in the responsibility of sustaining itself and balancing others.

2. Response: Communication is reciprocal. There is here a moral obligation to pay attention, to learn, to understand, to respond and thence, in turn to teach.

3. Symmetry: In opposing and balancing each other, parts must be equivalent because the purpose is not to “win” or dominate, but to equalize thereby producing further balance.

4. Autonomy: No species, no group, nor any country is “boss” for another; each adheres to its own Law. Autonomy and some inter-dependence may be necessary both within and between parts.

The basic structure is the complete reversal of the pyramid. Now we have a downward pointing triangle (symbol of the goddess). When you join both pyramids together you get the Star of David or a two dimension representation of the merkabar (body of light). So for planetary governance a downward triangle and for business the pyramid, both is balance.

Another Local model, adhering to Lateral Autonomous Governance Systems, may be visualized as the = sign. Here all specialist ‘Cells’ apply their wisdom to a lateral decision making process until consensus is reached. A ‘Wisdom Council’ may consist of one member from each or any ‘Cell’.

                                               At the top is the individual or sovereign being.
They choose how and with whom they live and govern themselves through their own
This council is responsible for the lore a particular group of sovereigns live with. Eco villages may have different lore as suits each. This council sends a delegate to the 
This council is responsible for the proper management of a geographical/biological area. This council sends a delegate to the
This council is responsible for management of issues between biospheres, primarily in regard to the environment, trade and security. This council sends a delegate to the
This council is responsible for management of issues between nations of a region; primarily in regard to co-ordination of resources necessarily to the implementation of bio-regional purification and regeneration, as well the implementation of Earth Council policies. This council sends a delegate to the
This council is primarily concerned to with bio-regional purification and regeneration as well dismantling the military industrial complex and dismantling harmful industrial activity.

Initial nominations for Earth council are: President Nelson Mandela (Sth Africa) and Dr Dora Akunyili (Nigeria) for the two African seats. Chief Arrol Looking Horse (US seat), Her Majesty Queen of Jordon (Middle-East Seat), Very Reverend James Morton (US seat), Paramahamsa Nirjananda (India Seat), This list will grow as more nominations are made. The process for nominations is clear. They must have shown by their example their reverence for peace.

Inset map of twelve bio-regions and the 24 seats of earth council; one male and one female from each of the twelve bio-regions. Eg 2 african seats.

Inset diagram and describe inverse pyramid structure. Describe the marrying of two triangles. You have star of David. Inset policy outline the basis for discussion between, islam and judiasm.etc.

No member or their families may profit financially directly or indirectly from sitting on the council. Council will sit for five years between elections.
(Nb. Housing, food, education and health provided for life of each sitting member and there family)

Love is to be understood by council members to be of greater significance than ideological debate. E.g. arguments and discourse on differing religious view points.

A social order inspired and directly guided by altruistically minded leaders of divine insight and training in the science of right government, transcendent over racial, national, religious and traditional limitations, and ever striving for federation rather than dismemberment of the world. So while our differences are acknowledged without judgment, it is our similarities that will be celebrated. It is to be noted here that diversity is totally indispensable to functioning of the whole.


01# The dismantling of the military industrial complex, based primarily in the US, UK, Russia, China and Europe with some “smaller market share in death and planetary destruction” going to Australia, India, Asia, Africa and the Middle-east (and others). We wish to divert scientific production away from smart bombs etc towards eco-friendly technology and ways to help heal the earth. We promote the idea of unified space exploration and the immediate de-weaponising of such.

Earth Council recognizes this dismantling will take quite a number of years. Our best hope is to see how the war system has been constructed, and then to undertake the task of dismantling and recycling it piece by piece. 

02# The dismantling of “multi-nationals” controlled by a few who have shown a complete and utter disregard for human life and planetary health. Those organizations deemed to be in the interests of planetary health will be put in the hands of the many. Because the media is a propaganda tool of the elite few, we recommend these be the first multi-nationals dismantled. Journalist freedoms will be re-established and ownership and control placed in the hands of the many. We humans are in ignorance of our true position on the planet and desperately need impartial and truthful comment on our televisions and in our press.

The manipulation and control by multi-national corporations at the expense of the planet and people will seize. Dreamtank identifies this issue as fundamental to the survival of our species and the most important and pressing need facing humanity. We will regain control of our destiny.

It is to be noted that humans are a creation of the divine and we then created an entity called  ‘Corporation’ with the prime and only directive of selfish greed, as a motivating force. A corporation need not be inherently evil if the right programming is entered. Therefore only healthy corporations; ones that help heal or are neutral in their impact will exist.

Resource movements will be localized with the view that each biosphere be as self sustaining as possible. Some trade will happen between neighboring biospheres but the global trade of resources will be limited to those of necessity. (For instance jam from France will not travel to Australia. The chef or recipe may travel)

It is foreseen that many new intelligent industries will develop and there will be more than enough meaningful work for everyone.

03# Personal wealth will be limited to US $5 million. Any excess filters to all employees and then into community projects. After lengthy debate Dreamtank promotes this system over communism and centralized power. A market system with controls on how much you can earn is the best system, as people can remain in control and power is de-centralized. Most importantly perhaps, there will be no individuals worth $90 billion while 50% of the world cannot get a clean drink of water or eat every day!

“Prestige and honour among British Columbia’s coastal Indians came not from accumulation of wealth but by giving it away, from sharing it with the community.” Wisdom of the Elders.

04# Massive health and educational initiatives worldwide. The intention is that each being gets clean water and enough food to live. It is to be noted that as sovereign beings do not have to depend on their children to look after them in old age, people naturally have less children. (Just like in “first-world countries where the birth rate is sometimes even in decline).

E.g. Africa will head into a bright future:

“The cost of perpetual aid to or military intervention in Africa is thousands of times more expensive than solving health problems and supporting local development, thereby heading off conflict. Conflict in Africa is over resources. People fight when there is no other choice. As for Africa’s health problems, they can be greatly alleviated with right planning and funding. Of course Africa isn’t a place; its’ a million places. Its landscapes are more diverse than those of any other continent.”

05# The formation of Earth Council Workers (from all nations): to assess, direct and implement bio-regional purification and regeneration. Earth Council will assist this mission by providing the resources necessary to make planetary rehabilitation self manifesting.

06# Adoption of De-population strategies that are incentive based. By not having children people may gain benefits such as extra health care and free travel. There is enough food for all being produced currently but it is neither distributed evenly nor sustainable using current methods.

Therefore depopulation strategies in conjunction with sustainable food production are of paramount importance.

07# The re-adoption of a worldwide hemp industry: for paper, textile and other uses, and the complete cessation of the logging of old growth forest. All wood needs are to be sourced from ecologically grown timber. There will also be a massive decrease use of cotton, as this industry uses vast amounts of water, pesticides and herbicides. Hemp is clearly a much better choice. It grows with little water and needs no chemical treatment.

The saving of what remains of the Amazon will be a fundamental global symbol of the collective human will to save our planetary home.

(Other global symbols include The Artic, Antarctic, Greenland, The Great Barrier Reef, the African Savannah and the South Sea Islands to mention a few)

“The rapid growth of human populations, extensive poverty, and ignorance of eco-laws that are causing the destruction of the tropical rain forest during our lifetimes promise to drive to extinction something approaching a Quarter of the world’s biological diversity before our grandchildren have a chance to learn about it”, Peter Raven Biologist.

08# The adoption of the thirteen month Lunar Calendar. The present 12 month calendar Is the current world standard because of the forceful issuance of this system on conquered (indigenous) peoples. It is the product of its predecessors - Julius and Augustus Caesar’s calendar and the earlier “calends” (schedule of taxation) of the Roman Empire.

Guarding the power of a patriarchal priesthood and a neo-feudal financial system, this system programs us- through adherence to its systematic disharmony- to perpetuate a lifestyle of “time is money”, consumption over creativity, marketplace over morality.

The Lunar Calendar allows us to synchronize directly with the bio-rhythms of our planet and the electro-gravetic cycles of our nearest neighbour. This in turn links us back into the perfect harmony of Universal time-cycles.

Please refer www.lawoftime.org for more detail and information. Here we honor Jose Argüelles for his work around calendar reform and for bringing 2012 to the collective consciousness. There are many others who have also made much effort around calendar reform and we thank them too.

09# Earth Council will not prosecute war crimes or eco-crimes for activities prior to 2012. This is primarily so to enable a peaceful transfer of power to Earth Council. Also current leaders are products of their conditioning based on the “old way” of competition and exploitation.

10# Education programs funded by Earth Council to encourage the learning of Alpha.

Alpha, formally know as English will be (it is and will grow more so) into the universal language of communication between the tribes of Earth. Alpha will continue to grow and include words from all continents. For instance the Inuit’s have many names for snow and these will be included. Another example is Sanskrit and words such as yoga, asana and Samadhi which are already being used. The use of Latin in scientific journals will continue.

The use of other languages will continue and be encourages to continue, as an important and integral aspect of cultural identity.

11# Every Sovereign Being is indigenous to planet earth and has land rights/ custodianship of some land. This custodianship will be linked to eco-village and biosphere councils who understand the paramount importance of planetary health.

12# Formation of U.S.E. (Unified Space Exploration).
Rather than sporting competitions like the World cup and the Olympics being the only way the peoples of the earth come together we promote unified space exploration. This way we can all work together for a common goal. Also it is of paramount importance that we present a unified face to the rest of the galaxy and universe

Drugs and there appropriate use:

Firstly everything we put in our mouths is a drug, will be broken down and assimilated as chemistry. Some chemistry may be considered 1.organic (e.g. natural food), 2.semi-organic (e.g. food grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, genetically modified food or irradiated food) and 3.non-organic (artificial chemicals). Via truth in labeling and the onus on business not to provide toxic food type 2 and 3 will be eliminated.

13# Type 2 and 3 food products need to be eliminated.

The status of the current legal drugs:

14# Organic non-modified tobacco only available in eco-villages with a smoking policy.
Tobacco- Firstly cigarettes are actually a cocktail of highly toxic compounds that is linked directly to 70% of all drug related deaths. Over time it is envisaged smoking eco-villages will naturally diminish as they are replaced by less new addicts.

15# Organic alcohol to be available only in eco-villages with a drinking policy.
Alcohol kills 20% of drug deaths and is also a toxic array of chemical additives.

16# Implementation of herbal treatment in the first resort and chemical treatment in the last resort (or where herbs are clearly seen as ineffective).
Prescription drugs: In the so-called “first” world we readily resort to strong drugs/medicines but often herbal drugs would work as effectively and without such intense side effects. For instance insomnia treated with chemicals creates dependence, toxic build-up and intense emotional side effects. In 98% of the case herbals would work yet are not used. Current use of codeine/morphine could be replaced by opium tinctures.

Why are herbal natural drugs not used more? This is because the drug industry cannot patent a plant and make a vast sum of money. (This is a poor reason to justify current prescription drug use).

The current illegal drugs:

17# In a small % of eco-villages the use of so-called recreational drugs and so-called hard drugs will be available. Substance users will be permitted to live peacefully and lead otherwise healthy and productive lives.

Current world practices see some secret service organizations and corrupt custom agents funding unapproved activities, as well as interfacing with mafias and sometimes creating them.

This creates crime and crime related industry such as prisons, police, judges, lawyers etc. In fact 70-80% of all crime is drug-related.

18# Sacred use of consciousness raising (or altering, depending upon ones perspective) plant medicines available in eco-villages that permit it.  “They were cattle-raising, Great Goddess-worshiping partnership societies practicing an orgiastic and psychedelic religion, the roots of which reach back toward Neolithic Africa and the emergence of self-reflecting consciousness”.

It is wise here to mention that these higher states of consciousness are attainable naturally, the difference is that, when naturally attained, they are maintainable or continuous.

19# Pornography will only be available in eco-villages that have a pornography policy. It will be completely removed from the internet. Over time it is envisaged these eco-villages will disappear as the current dysfunctional adults die and are not replaced by other dysfunctional people. Young healthy people not exposed in their eco-village will not choose to live in such a place.

Pornography: Can be considered and classified with drugs as it is potently mind altering and linked to sexual dysfunction, including pedophilia. It is also linked to advertising and poor body-esteem.

EDUCATION 2012 AND BEYOND: Indigo and crystal children.

This section is intended as a vision outline for education post-shift. It will grow very much from this bare outline.

The next technology is bio and is already dormant within us:

“Clairvoyance, clairsentience, seers, intergalactic communicators, cross-consciousness communicators (i.e. between life forms on earth), levitation, teleportation, dream weavers, astral traveling, crystal activators and other faculties will be re-embraced by 2020” Anon.

HOWZO is a sacred word steeped in ecological as well as aesthetic, religious, and moral meaning;

Beauty, harmony, order, goodness and happiness
In counterpoint to chaos, evil, despair and ugliness.

Humankind or People are being groomed for membership of an Intergalactic Federation and harmony between the tribes is a requirement for entry. Full membership is granted upon the return of HOWZO (now an Alpha word as well as a Navajo word; refer policy 10).

“Above me lay the endless heavens and I began to feel the sophisticated energy of extraterrestrials peering back at me”

A short note from the Intergalactic Federation of Optimism:

As you awaken you will learn to project only love and live in an ever-expanding now. Every word you speak has power, is mantra, so use them wisely. Here is a short list of deletions/corrections to current use.

Have to - Get to
Need to – I will
Should – I will
Fuck – Love
Dude – Friend
Why – What purpose does it serve?
History – Mystery
Shut up – Be quiet
Question – Quest in

Only speak when you are contributing to the silence. In the ever evolving Now the only thing to do (and to do is to be) is respond and trust yourself. Fear is the desire for control or acceptance.

If you are not dreaming you must be asleep.

Key principles in dealing with people: 1:33 Patanjali (psycho-technology)

With happy (sukha) people act with friendliness.

With unhappy (duhkha) people act with compassion.

With virtuous (apunya) people act with delight.

With wicked (vishayanam) people act with indifference or disregard.

To explain this further when we act friendly to happy people we do away with jealously, when we act with compassion to unhappy people we do away with impatience and our behaviour helps to heal; when we act with delight with virtuous people we let go of envy. And, by disregarding wicked people we distance ourselves from negativity and harm.

Current Education

Education as we currently understand it really represents indoctrination into industrial ethos, and will be radically different. There will be an emphasis placed upon self-management techniques so that students may experience harmony and control over the body/mind system. Today children grow up totally unprepared to manage themselves or the environment. They are little more than leaves in the wind, manipulated by a corporate ethos of greed.

Yoga and meditation (and other healing art science modalities) will be fundamental tools used to achieve self-management. The human body is a vehicle and most westerners experience life in a much less than optimal manner. This is primarily because of reliance on comfort, poor posture and food selection choices.

Flexibility is paramount for enjoying you stay here on earth.

Secondly, mind/emotion management is also very important. Most people in the first world are not experiencing happiness despite high incomes and material things. Meditation practice is an indispensable tool to assist the Self to manage/control the mind.

The best happiness comes from the practice of contentment.

Most people are subject to endless and often trivial or damaging array of thought patterns. The prevalence of mental health issues in so called first world nations is a strong indicator of unhappy people. Also people rarely smile.

The development of community living (Eco Villages) will assist hugely in giving people a sense of connection and belonging. Living with like minded people creates a loving space which humans are crying out for. It is to be noted that from birth to death in this age it is possible for a being to never experience love.

Love is an indispensable requirement for a happy person.


The highest and most true form of communication is Telepathy (or psychic osmosis):
Telepathy is real and is the highest form of communication as it is impossible to lie or deceive and transcends verbal language. As human beings establish themselves back into the Golden Age more communication will happen this way, particularly in day to day living between individuals and families. The ‘Indigos’ are all telepathically linked and are here to teach this ability.

The second most powerful form of communication is via sacred geometry/abstract symbols/yantras/ mudras/ and mandalas. E.g.

This symbol is called the Galactic Butterfly which is said
to represent all of the consciousness that has ever existed in this galaxy.
This is all of our physical ancestors both human, animal, reptile, fish, shell fish, plants
as well as the consciousness which organized all of the raw material from a whirling disk
into stars then planets and solar systems. Big Meaning. So big that the original Maya had
no symbol for this. In their civilization it was like having no name for God. Just knowing the concept was good enough. Later this pattern was devised by Toltec or Zapatec weavers as a pattern for blankets and this is where Jose Arguelles came across it. He called it Hunab Ku.
The indigenous peoples call it" The Galactic Butterfly". Butterflies are seen as ancestors
returning for a visit to physicality. Wearing one of these symbols is very powerful as it broadcasts your reaching to actively join the consciousness of our galaxy.
Ian Xel Lungold

Please note there are a few translations of this symbol (like there are over 100 translations for OM). This highlights the limit ness of the spoken and written language. Another translation is “one giver of movement and measure”

Visual forms of communication load an enormous amount of information into them making them an efficient form of communication.

One story about the above symbol represents the four directions the tribes of the earth come from and the gifts they each bring as they form the rainbow people; from the North they bring clean technology, from the East they bring yoga/meditation (inner technology), from the West they bring rhythm and dance and from the South the Dreaming.

When everybody balances all four gifts in themselves, then and only then may you be considered rich.

The third most powerful form of communication is sound, e.g. Mantras/ sacred songs.

Mantra means “the force which liberates the mind from bondage” and “Mantra is a combination, or assembly of powerful soundwaves. As such the intellectual understanding of the mantra is not at all necessary. It is not the meaning- some mantras do not have meaning- but soundwaves created by the mantra which influence the cosmos, internally, and externally” Paramahamsa Satyananda.

“The various musical notes have their own corresponding nadis or subtle channels in the kundalini chakras; and music vibrates these nadis, purifies them and awakens the psychic and spiritual power dormant in them” Sivananda

“Far more than musical representations of history, these songs (native songs) serve as vital time-traversing vehicles. They can transport members across the immense reaches of space and time into the dim mythic past of creation by the very quality of their music and the emotions they carry” David Suzuki

Song-lines: Gitksan- Central British Columbia:

Each Gitksan house is the proud heir and owner of an ada’ox. This is a body of orally transmitted songs and stories that acts as the house’s sacred archives and as its living, millennia-long memory of important events of the past. This irreplaceable verbal repository of knowledge consists in part of sacred songs believed to have arisen, literally from the breaths of the ancestors.

The use of sound by druids:

“Syntony of vibrations is achieved when all members of the chain follow an identical regimen… fix the same symbol in their inner light. This may consist of pronouncing (or chanting) internally and externally (with one’s voice, will and spirit) the ritual formulas, sometimes even following a certain rhythm or singing songs suitable for the purposes of certain operations.  All members evoke in themselves the state of fluid vibration, which is then exalted and potentized through “empathy”. The purpose of the chains/circles that are ceremonially convened may be a higher illumination of all the participates, or of one of them, or else practical and contingent realization; or the initiation of a neophyte, on whom the head of the chain bestows states of consciousness through “induction of the light and the power of the entire chain, or for other reason”

“The Earth is an Acoustic Resonance Machine” – Nikola Tesla.

Spoken and written language is the fourth powerful and really may be considered as mantra.

Working/living in circles, sacred ceremony and ritual:

All circles can begin with a prayer/invocation firstly from an indigenous ceremony maker and then by anyone in the circle who wishes.

The mantra OM can be used as a universal sound and be chanted three times to open or close a circle.

The attempt by outsiders or non-iniates who try to record sacred ceremonies will always be as futile as dissecting a butterfly to determine “butterfly ness”.

Amazonia: Kayapo

When the Kayapo gather to dance in sacred ceremonial circle, they know they are dancing to preserve and sustain the structure and integrity of the entire natural world.

The world energy Circuit: Columbia (north western Amazon); Desana

Within the ancient traditional worldview of the Desana Indians, solar energy is not only biologically potent but in some sense divine. The total pattern of solar energy flow in nature can best be visualized as a single huge closed circuit in which the entire biosphere participates. It constitutes a precious reservoir of spiritual/biological power that is capable of supporting a finite number of organisms. In sum, it represents a fixed quantity of energy that flows eternally between man and animal, society and nature.

The Desana believe that the quantity of energy being fixed, man must remove what he needs only under certain conditions and must convert this particle of “borrowed” energy in a form that can be re-incorporated into the circuit.

This idea or way of life is fundamental to the survival of the human species. We must change from a throw away society to a respectful and clever community capable of recycling resources.

Eco-scientists speak knowingly of the genetic and evolutionary kinship of all species and of our fundamental dependency upon the systems of nature. And they plead for a new global environmental ethos based on this scientifically documented unity- one that may grant all forms of life an inherent value and right to exist and burden human beings with a greater sense of responsibility for maintaining long-term ecological balances in the biosphere.

Guidelines for Self Assessed Initation:

Dreamtank members respect everyone’s sovereignty and decisions. We also seek to stand in our full presence and emanate divine essence. In this manner and no other, we have the power to affect another’s choice to do the same. Our embodiment of spirit is the only act that will assist the mission in unfolding smoothly and efficiently to its destined core fusion (There is no loss of individuality with unification and there is an expansion of consciousness).

My dear companions, if you have read this far this is one good thing accomplished. The next step if you so choose will be to select the colors you feel you have obtained some mastery of (not perfect but at least competent). At this stage you are encouraged to use you initiative. The demonstration of initiative represents an interest in being part of Dreamtank.   

Please contact dreamtank2012@yahoo.com.au. We need your help to facilitate the shift in consciousness. You assistance as part of this Collaborative Collective is greatly appreciated. NB. When listing your colors please specify the color you are most drawn to. E.g. Blue.

While is seems there is a hierocracy of colors here the truth is no color is higher or lower but simply serve an integral function to the whole. Just like worms are not lower than humans. But if you insist in viewing one higher or lower then pink is highest. The heart chakra is the center.

Realize at some point, you will if you so choose, attain mastery of all colors. May your path be cherished and protected.

RED: First chakra relates to basic needs; Food, housing, family/friends support, and some money saved.
ORANGE: Second chakra relates to having your needs met sexually or comfortable in celibacy, and having an understanding of the sub-conscious and you inner motives.
YELLOW: Third chakra relates to power, the sun inside, self-esteem (confidence in self) and to warrior ship.
GREEN/PINK: Fourth chakra relates to heart. Green is the color of directional love (love of a person, place or object) and the color pink is the color of universal love (love of all and service to all)
BLUE: Fifth chakra relates to purification, creative expression and communication. The ability to see from every angle is emphasized here.
INDIGO: Sixth chakra relates to the seat of the individual consciousness and understanding yourself to be a spiritual being.
PURPLE: Seventh chakra relates to spiritual understanding, eldership and an ability to demonstrate understanding of outer and inner directed knowledge. Ability to channel divine expression is emphasized here.

BLACK: Deep personal understanding and experience of pain and the transmutation of that into love/serenity/acceptance. Also an understanding of the laws of cause and effect (karma) is important here.
WHITE: An evolution of indigo so that understanding evolves into embodiment of spirit.
SILVER: Related to the fairy folk and psychic abilities (siddhi’s/siddha). Also relates to integrity, heart-knowing, alignment with divine will, magicians, night seers, priest/ess, enchanters, torchbearers, magic.
GOLD: Is the support color for purple and is the only color that cannot be self assessed on. It is given by Earth Council for service of the highest order.


This document in its current form has been the work of so many individuals and groups that it cannot be attributed to any one person, yet the work was initiated by one Be Ing.

The inspiration for the beginning of the work was born out of David Suzuki and Peter Knudtson’s book “Wisdom of the Elders”. A book which honors Native Wisdom.

And via this book contributions are gratefully acknowledged from the Iroquois Confederacy, the Desana Indians of South America, the Gitksan of Central British Columbia, the Kayapo of the Amazonia and many Western eco-scientists.

The personal spiritual assistance and support from the women Pitjantjatjara Elders (SA;Australia) and the Bungalung Nation (NSW; Australia) is gratefully acknowledged, as well as an interpretation of the ethos of the Australian Aboriginal people that in the basis for Earth Council.

Eastern thought has also influenced the work in major way. Gratefully acknowledged is the practical and spiritual support on all levels from Satyananda Bihar India, who has been and still is one of the leading proponents of transformation through Yoga.

Thanks to Mother Theresa and Amma who have shown by example how to be of practical service at this time.

Thanks to Africa for the dance and beat of the universal heart.

Thanks to the author James Redfield for The Tenth Insight, Holding the Vision (also wrote “The Celestine Prophesy”) for re-inspiring this work when inspiration was so needed.

Thanks to the groups of shamans working together in Hawaii and South Amercia for their unwavering support of the highest order.

Thanks to all people from all the lands who worship Peace. May we all help usher in the new world of prosperity and happiness for All.

May peace prevail on earth and within.  En Shallah.

Your feedback is appreciated and acknowledged.

“Every being has its own singular array of gifts” – Be Ing

“Let our effort to discover our own essential nature, that indwelling Universal Power, be a characteristic feature of the new millennium we are about to enter. Let this be recognized as one of the important goals of the century” –Amma’s address to the United Nations 1995.

All paths lead to the same great centre.

The eight powers of the soul:

Power over others is force. Power over the self is wisdom. Therefore the wise traveler chooses carefully, and considers everything In the light of the light.

The first power; the first power to focus, to pack up that which is gone, and leave aside that which is to come. Thus the sage reclaims control of the mind.

The second power; deep in consciousness of the soul the sage plants the root of his mind like a tree that can bend with the wind. The sage tolerates everything, and remains unshaken. This is the second power.

The third power; no door is shut by the lord/ess of love. Following the Teacher the sage accommodates all difference. This is the third power.

The fourth power; tricks and illusions are everywhere, and the deluge of words can drown the path. The sage discriminates, finding the diamond among the counterfeit. The fourth power is discernment.

The fifth power: seeing his/her own actions as clearly as he sees his brother’s or sister’s the sage never lets desire influence decision. Accurate judgment is the fifth of the powers.

The sixth power; even the wise traveler is beset by obstacles. The sage faces the boulder on the road, and the weakness inside with the same courage. Facing with courage is the sixth of the powers.

The seventh power; creating alliances the sage helps his companions. Two can do what one cannot. Cooperating in all things he gives honor to his companions. To cooperate is the seventh power.

The eighth power; when folly begins thieves rule. The sage unaffected withdraws. To withdraw with no Blame is Wisdom. This is the eighth of the great powers.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field
I’ll meet you there
When the soul lies down in that grass,
The world is too full to talk about
Ideas, language, even the phrase each other doesn’t make any sense” -Rumi

“You’re going to dance, you’re going to dance, you’re going to dance and have some fun” -Hafiz


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