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9/05/2009 Всемирный день Справедливой торговли


09 May 09. Poverty, climate change and financial crisis are manufactured. You can change that. Authentic Fair Trade delivers vital investment to producers and sustainable business practice across the globe. World Fair Trade Day is a big day for the planet. Create an event, join an event, change a planned event, put 09 May 09 in your diary, street, village, venue, country and promote it like there's no tomorrow... which may not be far from the truth. Trade the old way, that doesn’t work, for the new way that does.

World Fair Trade Day 09 May 09 PDF Print E-mail
The impact you make is immense.

A simple thing like buying a product has consequences far beyond feeding your family, making you feel good or giving you something new to talk about. Buying a product, whether it's the fruit of one person's labour or the result of super-efficient mechanization is a vote for the organization that provided you with the product.

To you it’s just a banana, just a T-shirt, or just a bar of soap; to a business it's a response to consumer demand, and money in the bank for investors. But poverty, climate change and financial crisis are the result of the products we buy and the businesses we choose to support.

If you buy Fair Trade products, change becomes inevitable. It's not complicated - if it were there wouldn't be so many powerful businesses in the world. You are powerful. You are the change. You already knew that, didn't you?

World Fair Trade Day 2009 is a salute to the people and organizations who have dedicated themselves to making Fair Trade what it is today, a solution not an issue. Fair Trade is not just about poverty, it's a solution to poverty, Fair Trade is not just about climate change, it's a solution to environmental degradation and bad practice. Fair Trade is not just about protest, it's about change. Change that’s long overdue.

World Fair Trade Day 2009 is dedicated to you and the positive impact you can make in your community, through local and global events, that unite people and opinion, in a voice that can be heard wherever you are, whoever you are. Grassroots to G8.

It’s a Big Day for the Planet. Unite with millions of people and be the powerful voice of positive change. Tell the world you want an end to poverty, an end to climate change and the beginning of sustainable living. World Fair Trade Day is your global stage.

A Big Day for the Planet. 09 May 09

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