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#1 2007-03-06 09:31:31

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Karavan na velosipedah iz Anglii v Indiyu

vse vizu kajdiy delayet sam, rashody okolo 10 evro v den'. prisoedinyatsya mojno svobodno srazu i po puti karavana. registratsiya i podrobnostit na:


vot polniy text:

Bicycle Caravan from England to India

A group of brothers and sisters (and some children) will be setting off with a bicycle caravan from
England to India very soon. The main aim of this project is to highlight the Tibetan issue and to encourage
environmental friendly ways of living and travelling. But also to have an interesting time, meet plenty of
people, share skills, exchange ideas and vision. And to bring a little light and provide entertainment along the way.

The trip is self-organised which means that officially there are no organisers and there is no administrative structure.
No participation fee is asked for. Given the nature of the project (and the many countries we will be crossing) we have
to remind everyone to come a bit prepared. We will operate as a collective, we will all support each other. But for the
time that you're joining in, you are - from a legal perspective - automatically responsible for your own well-being in all matters:
e.g. of health, safety, travel insurance, visa applications, sufficient financial resources (also for the way back!), etc.
You can not claim liability towards any of the other participants or the group as a whole.

Like always when travelling some funds are required. Though less is easily possible we've calculated a realistic budget
at about 10 Euro per day.That (plus the slightly political angle) is one of the reasons why we have chosen not to profile
it to the outside world as a rainbow caravan. Though in fact it is, and we want to stick to the rainbow principles
as much as possible. Decisions will be taken on a consensus basis. Mostly we will sleep for free in nature or at places
where we're invited. Should the magic hat (from gifts or revenues from street entertainment) run empty then food will
be bought on a shared cost basis.

We will not be on the internet on a daily basis but you will find regular updates (and also the best ways on how to
contact us) via the website. If you are genuinely interested in joining the caravan then please fill in the participation
document, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. If you have any good suggestions for interesting places to visit
e.g. eco-projects, communities, special sites.. or are maybe thinking of organising a small gathering along the way then
please get in touch.

Everyone is welcome to join the caravan. Be it for a few days (e.g. when we're passing through your area) or for a few weeks
or months. Or you could join us when we're in a country you were planning to visit anyway. It's all good. Bicycles are getting
cheaper the more we move East. And we have already been contacted by some people in India. Please try to come along on
colourfull bikes, with good energy, skills, juggling tools, instruments (whichever you can carry) and all other things you may need.

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#2 2007-04-21 22:02:59

Откуда Питер
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Re: Karavan na velosipedah iz Anglii v Indiyu

оооо!!!!!!!! как бы я хотела... надеюсь, когда-нибудь я совершу этот трип...

Я-пленница свободы!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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